The Places

The verdant isle of Corfu with its peerless natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and contemporary tourist infrastructure, is the best known of the Greek and Ionian islands.Lying at the mouth of the Adriatic sea, opposite the mainland shore from which it is separated to the north by a narrow channel of water just 2.5 km in width , it is the northernmost of the Ionian islands and, at the same time, the most western part of Greek territory.


The island’s capital is the delightful Kerkyra town, one of the most attractive in Europe. Built on a narrow strip of land, it owes its charm to the many disparate elements it contains, the traces of the different cultures which have settled there. The island with its pure, crystal-clear waters and picturesque bays and coves, enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate of mild winters and cool summers. The trees and grass and bushes stretch right down to the shore, adorned all year round with the colours of the blooming flowers and the trees laden with fruit. The island people communicate with simplicity and courtesy, proud of their island’s history and culture.


22 kilometers from the city, is a small village built on a hill on the east coast of Corfu. From here passes the national Lefkimmi while up to Perama the road is separated from the sea by a small strip of sandy and sometimes rocky coast. Throughout the distance you will find beautiful beaches for swimming in warm waters and a great offer of tourist services. From the Roman era to the present, it is the first choice for a holiday. The beach of Messonghi is crossed by the Messonghi river that flows into the sea at this point.



Walkers Guide

The area around SPILEO provides a great opportunity for some reallylovely mountain walks. There are many places of interest to find as you wander though the olive groves and villages. Dotted along the way you will come across traditional tavernas like 75 Steps to refresh yourself ready for your next destination.

The views to the see from the mountains are superb and panoramic and the village very quaint and traditional.


The Greek people are notorious for being friendly to passing travelers and will welcome you wherever you go in this area. The map shown provides an overview of the area, but there are excellent guidebooks available which give you more detail and information on the walks and places of interest.