Welcome to Corfu island and 75 steps Taverna & Accomodation. You will see as you go through the site what a fantastic taverna the 75 Steps is. Of course there are the beautiful rooms to stay in too. The taverna, which nestles in the tiny mountain village of Spileo enjoys panoramic view to the sea & surrounding mountains, where you will see the most spectacular of sunsets.


Spileo is a very small old traditional Greek village set up in the mountains overlooking the sea towards the mainland. The Markatis family has lived there for generations.

The taverna was originally a small village shop selling local produce and drinks to the people of the village and passers by.

It would also be the place where the village men would meet and put the world to rights, or talk about gardening and their produce or the weather over ouzo or a coffee. The decision was made to change the shop to a taverna, so some 30 years ago the 75 steps taverna was born.

The taverna was small then run by Tasso's father Panagiotis. When Tassos took over from his father in the 80's he could see the potential of what could be offered to the people. Of course Tassos had a good start with the beautiful surroundings and excellent food. The taverna was made bigger by building in front of the family home.

Later, Tassos felt that he could offer accommodation too. So he bought a piece of land next to the taverna and it was then that his dream started to come true. A building was erected next to the taverna, which now provides beautiful accommodation offered to you today. A lot of work and love went into making the rooms comfortable and homely. The flowers that fill the taverna are beautiflul it feels like you are dining in a garden.

The Markatis family is proud of what they have achieved and get great pleasure from seeing people enjoying themselves in the surroundings and amenities provided by 75 steps taverna and the family. It is of course without doubt that little piece of paradise you have been looking for.

So what are you waiting for, come and indulge yourself.